How To Choose A WordPress Theme For Your Website

So you just installed WordPress for your project? Maybe a portfolio website? Or maybe a simple blog that can express who you are. You are very much excited, right? But now you are stuck and don’t know how to choose a WordPress theme for your website.

Let’s be honest, it happens to everybody. Every person starting their online journey faced this problem. There are thousands of themes out in the market. What theme to choose? How will it look? Free or paid? and the questions go on. Woah….a time-consuming task.

But don’t worry I am here to help you. If you are struggling with choosing the right theme for your dream website, then this article is for you. In this article, I will give you 6 tips that will help you in choosing the right theme for your website.

What is a WordPress Theme

Before we discuss the 6 tips for choosing the right WordPress theme, let’s discuss what is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is basically a tool to change the layout and design of your website. It helps in customizing the appearance of your website, including the layout, typography, colors, and other design elements.

Choosing the right theme can make your website more attractive and easy to use for visitors. Which will ultimately improve visitor engagement.

So, now let’s discuss the 6 tips which you can keep in mind to find the right theme for your website.

1. Features You Want On Your Website

Every website has different features. You need to make a list of the features you want on your website. For example, if you are building a simple blog you don’t need the e-commerce functionality in it. Look for the features in a theme. If your theme is giving an extra feature it’s good but it will also slow down your website. Choose the theme according to your need.

2. Responsiveness

You must check whether the theme you are choosing is responsive or not. If you are planning to rank in the search engines a responsive theme is what you need. It will make sure that your website looks good on all devices. And now google also prefers mobile-friendly websites. With a responsive theme, you can make the website look good on all devices and it will also help you in ranking your website.

3. SEO Friendliness

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be the best traffic source for your website. It can give you high-quality traffic for free consistently. Every website should optimize its website for search engines. If you are aiming for that quality free traffic you need a theme that is optimized for the search engines well. Check the theme you are choosing whether it’s SEO optimized or not. If it is SEO-friendly then you can continue with that.

4. Premium vs. Free Theme

Now it’s a long topic that can’t be covered in it. I will post an article about it in some days. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest blog post, news & updates, tips & tricks, etc.

But to give you overview premium themes are always better in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that free themes are bad. Both have advantages and disadvantages of their own. So, if you ask me I will suggest you if you are at the very beginning of your career you can go with the free themes. Using the free themes will give you an understanding of how things work. Later on, you can always upgrade to a better one.

5. Avoid Heavy Themes

You know google always prefers websites that load fast. If you want your website to be fast you just don’t choose a theme that gives you extra unnecessary functionality. Yeah, I know that extra functions are good, but keep in mind that they will also slow down your website. So, choose the theme which only gives functions that you actually need.

6. Reviews And Ratings

Lastly, check the reviews and ratings of the theme you are choosing. Is it having a positive review or a negative review? Do they solve user queries or not? Do they update the theme regularly or not? This will give you an idea about how the theme is and will you face any issues after installing it.


Every theme has a demo website that you can access to see what the theme actually looks like. Before choosing a theme I recommend you access the demo website of the theme and see how is the look and feel of that particular theme.

Now go ahead and choose the perfect theme that matches your need. I hope this article helps you in making the right decision.

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