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No matter how good your products or services are, if you are not doing marketing for your business it will not reach your potential customer. You need a marketing plan to grow your business. In this article, I will give you a one-page marketing plan which can help you in growing your business and income. It will be helpful for anyone who wants to market their products or services to the right audience using digital or traditional media and grow their business and income easily.

This one-page marketing plan is divided into 3 phases – Before Marketing Phase, During Marketing Phase, and After Marketing Phase. Each phase is divided into 3 columns. I will explain each column from the 3 phases in simple terms so that you can understand it well. My one-page marketing plan is inspired by a video posted by Him-eesh Madaan on Youtube. It helped me a lot in making my marketing plan page. Read this article to make your one-page marketing plan easily.

I have made this one-page marketing plan according to my freelance digital marketing business, but you can modify it for your business also. So let’s deep dive into the marketing plan.

Before Marketing Phase

Two women planning a business marketing strategy

This is the phase where you plan your marketing strategy. In this phase, you understand your right audience, make the right message for your audience, and choose the right platform to connect with your audience and market your products and services. So, now let’s discuss the 3 columns in this phase.

1. Choose The Right Target Market

Look at your product or service and brainstorm your ideal customer, find out their pain and pleasure points. Do not target all types of customers as others do. It will increase your marketing cost and competition. To grow your business fast and with low marketing costs, narrow down your audience. The audience will not be the same for your every product or service. Find out the right audience for your every product or service.

2. The Right Message For Your Audience

Before drafting your message you need to find out your unique selling point. What is the unique thing your product or services have that your competition doesn’t? Now that you know your unique selling point you have to trigger your audience’s emotions. Draft your message that triggers at least any one of your audience’s emotions like fear, love, guilt, greed, and pride. Don’t include how good your products or services are in your message, include how your products or services will benefit your customers.

3. Choose The Right Platform For Marketing

Now that you have drafted the right message it’s time to deliver your messages to your potential customers. According to your target audience’s age group, demographic, budget, marketing strategy, etc. you can choose the right platform to market your products or services. If you know your target market well you can market your products or services on Facebook. If you know what your customers are looking or searching for you can also try google ads. Depending on your budget you can try traditional media as well. Choose the platform which is giving you the best ROI.

During Marketing Phase

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This is the phase where you implement your marketing plan. In this phase, you capture your target audience as leads, nurture your leads, and ultimately the conversion takes place. So, now let’s discuss the 3 columns in this phase.

1. Capturing Leads

The first stage is to capture the leads. Once you start marketing your products or services, it will start generating leads. Leads are the people who have shown interest in your product or service. You can also use a lead magnet to capture leads. You have to capture their name, email and phone number so that you can nurture them to become a customer.

2. Nurturing The Leads

Lead nurturing means building trust with your potential customers. Not every lead will purchase from you immediately, you have to build trust with them. After capturing the leads message them regularly. Do not spam your audience. Message them regularly, follow up with your messages after some days, wish them on festivals, make informational posts and updates for them, connect with them on social media.

3. Conversion

When you nurture the leads they are highly likely to purchase your products or services. Now they trust you, they know you. It will become easy to convert them into lifetime customers when you nurture your leads regularly. You can offer something to them for free to build trust and ultimately pitch your main offering. You can also mail them for new products or services that can benefit them. Because they already purchased from you and trust you they will buy the product without hesitation.

After Marketing Phase

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Many people think that marketing ends with sales. But it doesn’t. Marketing is a long-term process and it keeps running even after the sale happened. This is the phase where the marketing happens after the sale. In this phase, you give customers a world-class experience, increase the lifetime value of your customers, and also make a referral system for your business. So, now let’s discuss the 3 columns in this phase.

1. World-Class Experience

After customers purchase your products or services you have to give them a world-class experience. Take feedback from them about your products or services, launch a loyalty program for them, if they are not happy with your product or service give them a refund or return services immediately. These little things will increase your brand value and take your business to the next level. Also, check out how marketing can help you in building a brand.

2. Increase Lifetime Value of a Customer

Focus on the lifetime value of a customer. Do not lose the customer after the first sale. Continue giving value to them and building trust with them and in the long run, you can sell something premium product or service to them. They will not hesitate to take the premium product or service because they trust you.

3. The Referral System

Now it’s not necessary to have a referral system, but it will grow your business fast. Word of mouth marketing is the best advertising technique. You can offer a reward to the person who refers your products or services to others. It will help you in growing your business and income in a short period.


Marketing is a process that keeps on running, it doesn’t end at any stage. Marketing is necessary for every business out there. Whether you are doing traditional marketing or digital marketing this one-page marketing plan can help you in growing your business. I am a digital marketing freelancer so I have made the page for my freelancing business. You can modify this page as you like for your business.

If you want to grow your business through digital marketing, you have to make a blog or website. Click here to check out how to create your first WordPress blog.

I hope the one-page plan will help you in growing your business. Share this article with your friends or family or use it for growing your business. If you have any queries or questions do let me know in the comments section.

I wish you a wonderful journey towards growing your business.

Written by Rahul Mandal

Rahul Mandal is a freelance digital marketer. He has been more than 3 years in the digital marketing industry and has helped many professionals and small businesses to grow their online presence.




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